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Central Germany: Explore the heart of our nation

The best infrastructure in Europe, a booming economy, a very fluid, deep rental market and attractive valuations make Germany the perfect place for your Real Estate Investments. Especially Central Germany, as the logistics center of the country, with its’ tourism hot spots and growing population is constantly getting more relevant. Given the cheap valuations and the current rental market situation your investment will return stable cashflows with very attractive returns.


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Why to Invest in Treuenburg

Real Estate is a great investment that creates its own demand as people always need a place to live. The founders started Treuenburg Group to invest their own wealth over a decade ago and opened this successful business model to investors in 2015. Take a look below at some of the most cogent advantages you will benefit from if you partner with us.


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We combine Real Estate and banking experience with unique access to local banks (TRG has financing relationships with more than 15 banks).

Our unmatched local expert knowledge, enables us to source deals before they come to market and helps you to buy at attractive valuations and produce stable cashflows.

Our business model is designed to generate superior returns if prices stay the same or even decline (disclosure of our financial model upon request).

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Try out venture capital

Recognizing and supporting undiscovered talent is an exciting process. Imagine you being the one to pave a fresh and ambitious company’s path to success and imagine further you making superior and uncorrelated returns for your portfolio. Interested?


Our core investment themes are fintech, real estate innovation and aging population. Geographically we focus on companies based in Germany and Hong Kong.


We have invested in some carefully selected companies that we believe will have the potential to disrupt their industries in the future. You can be a part of it! Get in touch for more details of how to participate.