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Treuenburg Group is a privately owned boutique Real Estate firm based in Erfurt, capital of the Federal State of Thuringia. Our company focuses on leveraged real estate investments in our core market Central Germany. We started investing in Real Estate over a decade ago and opened up our business model to international investors in 2015. Treuenburg is your one-stop-shop for a successful investment in Central Germany.



Know best and work hardest

We are extraordinarily focused on our core market only, which puts our business model in a unique position in Germany. Our portfolio consists of residential, commercial and retail properties in Central Germany. We currently manage over EUR 100 million in German Real Estate assets.


Due to our exclusive lending relationships with over 15 local banks, we are able to obtain high LTV ratios and favourable financing terms of the respective property value.


Treuenburg offers a decent number of investment and carry opportunities together with high levels of transparency and control. Our management combines extensive knowledge of our core market with a deep understanding of financial modeling and banking. This unique combination is helping us to spot deals before they come to market and is therefore giving us a huge competitive advantage in our home market.


Invest in the

heart of Germany

Very central - very lucrative


Our core market is based around Erfurt, the capital of the Federal State of Thuringia, Weimar, voted cultural capital of Europe in 1999 and Jena, famous students‘ stronghold. These three cities together are forming a pulsating Real Estate market in the very heart of Germany with a growing population of over 1 million. With more than 50 years of combined business experience, our competent investment team is the perfect partner for your Real Estate investments in Central Germany.